Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vendor Support Month: Stage One - Complete

For everyone who has supported this idea thus far, and for your willingness to participate; thank you all very much.

We have went through all the applications and sadly, not everyone who applied was accepted. We apologize for this, but as I have said before, there were only 50 slots, and we have tried to be as fair as possible. There will be another showcasing like this, this time next year though, and we hope to do more. If you feel you wish to hold another event such as this on your own, we completely welcome you to it! at any time!

The vendors who have made it to the listing are as follows from the website:

Participating Vendors
* Little Boy Blue
* DM Designs - Jewelry
* Viviane Fashion
* Fire GOOD!!!
* Beloved Custom Designs
* Sinuous Shapes
* B&T Atelier

* Philotic Energy
* GR!
* Totally Tempting
* {Frick}
* *Ticky Tacky*
* Lil's - Fashion Inspired by You!
* Forbidden Thorn
* O-Magine HomeWorks
* Rare Breed
* C&D Designs - Styled Living
* Heavenly Bodies Shapes and Tattoos
* * Amaranthus *
* Historical Heroines
* The Stringer Mausoleum
* Ommik
* Nushu
* Attituede
* Atargatis
* FD Decor
* Frop!
* !ReToX!
* Piffou!
* Sn@tch
* Nightshade Designs
* ~*{ The Black Canary }*~
* [Gauze]
* Tarnished
* SD Wears
* Otaku Designs
* Mouse*Trap
* Moon Dance Designs
* Lecosse Designs
* ChaosLotus
* :WhoNose:
* +++BLUE BLOOD+++
* +>Adore & Abhor<+

The group is open enrollment, free to join, and there is a sign in the notice history that we would love for you to put in your store, that is a simple notecard giver explaining what VSM is and why we are doing this. So, that's all for now ^^ until next time, please enjoy your SL, and keep in touch. Morrigan and I are always available for questions, concerns, ideas, and changes. So do not hesitate to contact.

VSM Team- Yukio Ida